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Anonymous asked:

I am 15 years old and a mommy to a very beautiful baby boy named Murrugun, I cant help but feel though that I am not good enough for him thats how my bf felt because he killed himself last month and im still tring to deal with that, in my short life I have had lots of problems with my self immage, which caused me to devolpe an eating disorder and to self harm and have depression, I live with my big brother because my mom died of cancer last year and my step dad kicked me out. help!

Well as a disclosure I’m not a professional so just keep that in mind.
I am sorry to hear you’re going through so much, but do me a favor and put your hand on your chest. Do you feel that beating? That means that you’re still alive and it means you’re here on this earth for a purpose. You’re still young yet and it probably feels like the world is trying to bring you down and drive you to do some very rash things, but I know you can get through it. You have a beautiful son who needs his mommy and he doesn’t want to grow up without his mom. Your boyfriend and mom are always going to be there for you in spirit so hold onto their memory and use it to help you get through. It’s what helps me get through things a large majority of the time. Never think you aren’t worth it because you’re a beautiful human being, the world just tends to be a bit harder on the stronger ones.
I can tell you right now having had been through multiple eating disorders and selfharming that it’s not worth it. Stick with whatever people you have supporting you and try to find your way onto the path of recovery, it’ll be rough but it’s a worthwhile journey. If it comes down to it you could always try getting professional help because that does work for some people. If you ever need I’m more than willing to be there for support for you.
As for your stepdad kicking you out, do you have a friend or another family member you can stay with? If so I’d do that at least until things blow over with him.
I hope things get better and that maybe I could be a little bit of help. Stay strong <3

two days ago you broke my heart

then you told me you still loved me

two days ago you said let’s be friends
then you told me you still loved me

two days ago I asked if we could work
then I told you I still loved you

two days ago I needed you

then I told myself I don’t love you

today you told me you still loved me
then I told you I still loved you too

myself (via dragonswimming)
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